Dyslexia and my first blog post

The world of writing is a scary place for me, as it often doesn’t express what I want to communicate. So I thought I’d use my first blog post to invite those of you with or without dyslexia to share your thoughts, experiences and ideas on this subject.

Here are some of mine:

In most other places I am a competent, capable and reasonably eloquent human being. Yet when it comes to writing I can feel my underlying history judgment and stigma bubbling to the fore.

I know this is something that many people with dyslexia, (and some without dyslexia), experience. The terrible apprehension that no matter how many times you’ve read through your CV, application form, important letters, invites etc. you have missed something important out or added something extra in. This then comes across in such a way, which is so far removed from who you are.

On a day-to-day basis I’m observant and have a good attention to detail, yet written mistakes are often misconstrued as a lack of awareness which stretch beyond the written words on the page.
I have a wide vocabulary yet I often stifle the words I use , because I can’t make sense of spell  *check enough to use the word I wish too.

These are but couple of mine and I’m very much interested in hear about yours!