Couples Counselling

“Is your relationship going round in circles and getting nowhere?”

“Have you and your partner hit a brick wall, communication breakdown?”

“Are you feeling lost, angry, hurt, sad or fearful with each other?”

“Does your relationship feeling like Groundhog Day?”

Relationship counselling can help to break this deadlock. It doesn’t matter if you’re straight, gay, bi, trans, polyamorous, married, living together, separated, divorced, starting out with a new partner… I’m a Brighton based counsellor here support you.

So, what can couples’ counselling do for you? It provides an opportunity to explore any situations which are causing you distress and where presently there doesn’t seem to be an answer. Through working with a professional, many of the barriers to effective communication can be lifted, and new ways of understanding each other can be learned.

You may be experiencing frustration with day-to-day life, lack of intimacy, breakdown in communication, loss, illness, redundancy, addiction, infidelity, jealousy, inequalities, parenthood and wider family… to name but a few. With your resources and my experience, knowledge and skills, we can work together on transforming your relationship.

Amanda Morrissey Couples Counselling

BACP Registered Amanda Morrissey