Addiction Counselling

Addiction, in one form or another, is part of life for many of us. I’m not here to judge, or to stop you from drinking, drug taking or other such addictions.

I’m not interested in saying “don’t”. I’m here to help you explore your situation, and define what your needs, wants and desires are.
These may be:

* gaining a clearer understanding of why you have your particular addiction
* managing your current situation
* working on a plan defined by you to suit your needs
* exploring your future
* looking at patterns, i.e, bingeing, stress, self medicating
* identifying blocked feelings, thoughts, memories
* exploring underlying aspects of your current situation

I offer a holding environment and my years of experience working with drug and alcohol abuse alongside your knowledge of yourself.
Together we can explore and identify the changes you want to make to improve your wellbeing.

BACP Registered Amanda Morrissey