Family Counselling


Where do we start …. parents, single parents, mums, dads, step-parents, absent parents, same sex, dual parenting, new relationships, new children, teenage crises, schools friendship groups, behaviour, exam stresses, choosing futures, leaving home, empty nest, different homes…. Much like modern relationships, families have become increasingly complex environments over the past 70 odd years.

Families are now often shaped by divorce, isolation from other generations of the family, step children, step siblings, as well as all the daily strains of life. All of these mean that many of us now live in blended families with unrelated individuals with belief systems shaped by different experiences and family rules.

Children and teenagers also have significantly more freedom than previous generations and whilst freedom and choice can be positive, both come with responsibility – something parents can find hard to balance.

We can work through and come to understand the dynamics in your family and through improving communication, start to bring the family to a better place.

BACP Registered Amanda Morrissey
Amanda Morrissey Family Counselling