Student Counselling

The therapy you receive as part of your own development as a counsellor requires a unique approach on account of the particular challenges you will be facing:

  • You will be wanting to develop a resilience and self-awareness beyond what would normally be required in day-to-day living.
  • Counselling courses fast track you through a range of emotional experiences – not only your own but those of other people.
  • Often you are required to take on a level of responsibility far beyond what you have previously known.
  • You will likely be wanting to experience a diverse range of live interventions in the safety of your own counselling before using them in your client work.

I bring an experienced, enquiring and kind approach to enable you to learn your own fears, thoughts and feelings. We can gain insight into how these might play out; not only in your personal life but also within your practice.

I will support, challenge and nurture you through this journey; allowing you to gain understanding into the difficulties you may experience. This will offer you a platform to grow your personal, academic and career potential.

I offer fees on a sliding scale to students. Should you be interested in beginning counselling with myself as part of your professional development then please visit my contact page.

BACP Registered Amanda Morrissey